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Death Benefits, Living Benefits and Tax Advantages

There are 2 concepts we try to balance when designing an efficient life insurance plan for you: (1) the death benefit you will leave behind for a loved one and (2) the LIVING BENEFITS to take care of you while you’re LIVING.

Most people think of Life Insurance as nothing more than Death Insurance. How much does someone else get when I die? (Most people also equate it to a root canal!)

But there are benefits inside of these policies that have been around for years and yet very few people are aware of the full potential of an efficiently designed policy.

Are you aware that you could find the following benefits in a properly designed life insurance contract?

    • Tax Deferred Growth of Your Cash Value
    • Tax FREE Income From Your Cash Value
    • A Competitive Rate of Return
    • Safety & Guarantee of Your Principal
    • No Limits on Contribution Amounts
    • Easy Access to Capital
    • You Can Use Cash Value as Collateral
    • Estate Tax Free
    • Liquidity, Use & Control of Your Money
    • Disability Protection
    • Long Term Care Protection
    • Flexibility to Change Your Plan Design as Your Life Changes

If you’re looking for a good ‘ole fashioned cheap Term Life plan, we got it.

If you’re curious about ways to build wealth and supplement retirement income and avoid the “tax man” in multiple ways, we can show you how.

Schedule a time to come see us at 717-575-5227 and in a short amount of time you will have a whole new outlook on Life.