Portfolio Design

  Wealth-Building Strategies for Changing Markets

Investor behavior can be the biggest detriment to a success financial plan. Therefore we build strategies designed to address rising, flat or falling market cycles.

Beta Strategies – Building Confidence Based on Long-Term Trends
These funds are designed to track a specific goal; for example an INDEX, SECTOR (examples are Health Care, Financials, Consumer Discretionary, Consumer Staples, Energy, Utilities, Real Estate, etc.) or STYLE of investments (think large companies, small companies, growth companies, value companies, etc.). They’re typically not as actively managed which makes them less expensive to own and keeps you fully invested in the markets.

Active Strategies – Turning Frustration into Opportunity
Strategists in this mandate are highly flexible and able to adjust for changing market conditions. These funds are actively managed and they do their best to spot trends in the market based on their research.

Diversifier Strategies – Managing Concern by Providing Consistency
These strategies use a wider spectrum of asset classes and approaches (for example Mortgages, Options and SWAPS) and are designed to not go in lock-step with the markets. Their primary focus is on risk then return.